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Part Two Chapter Summaries

Chapter One _ Part Two

Part two of Trash, introduces another narrator, Father Juilliard. He takes up the story telling the reader about the mission school in Behala. Father Julliard describes Pascal Aguila Mission School as ‘the place he has fallen in love with’, after serving his one-year job he couldn’t leave the small school and is still working there at sixty-three. He tells the reader that it is hard to get the dumpsite kids to attend the school. The only way is to bribe them with food. Made out of large iron containers the school is two-story, with a chapel on the upper level.Mission School

When Rat, Rapheal and Gardo come to the mission school wanting to use the computer, Father Juilliard is oblivious to the fact that he would soon get involved in their dangerous adventure. The boys use the donated computer to research Gabriel Olondriz wanting to know more about what happened to him. Father Juilliard tells the reader, “They had got they wanted, and had deceived me beautifully.” (p.54) Will he ever be safe again?

Chapter Two_Part Two 

This is where Raphael’s adventure starts getting scary. The police come to the dumpsite that night, just as Gardo predicted and all the locals were cleared from their houses. Making thorougher search of the cardboard buildings the police have no luck in finding what they want and Raphael is arrested. This causes great commotion amongst  his family, however the police force their way through the human barrier that has been created and take Raphael to Ermita Police Station.

Police Station WindowThough Raphael portrays himself as innocent the police believe he has the bag they want. Beating him they ask over and over for the bag but Raphael continuously denies knowing anything. This frightful experience only gets worse as they hang Raphael out the window and hold him there by his ankle and wrist. More harsh words are thrown at the poor boy but the police do not get any useful information and finally let him free. Raphael runs madly back towards the dumpsite.


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  1. Keep on! Finish this! Good job!

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    This is great. 🙂 When are you releasing part three and four? It would be a huge help for me.

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  4. Can you please finish this? It would be a great help to me with my studies.

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