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Chapter Three Summary

It’s the evening after Raphael’s amazing discovery and the two boys’ spirits are high. Raphael gave some of the money to his auntie and they have chicken for dinner, a rarity. Everyone’s happily gathered around the fire until big, black cars turn into the dirty streets of Behala and fierce looking policemen step out.

Chapter Three informs the reader that the police are after the bag Raphael found. The men want the bag now and they are not afraid to fight for it, so they agree to pay the dumpsite people one hundred pesos a day in searching for the bag. After trying to get something out of the people without success they are lead to believe that Raphael has something as his auntie told them he had found money that day.

Raphael lied as the police asked him questions and got out of trouble, this time, but Gardo and Raphael expect the worst and decide to take the bag to their friend Jun-Jun, better known as Rat, for safe keeping. The reader is lead to believe that Rat is trustworthy and a close friend as Raphael says, “‘He’ll do it for me’” (p.18). This is just the start of how the three boys lead themselves into a fight for their lives.


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