Trash Chapter Summaries to help you with your studies!

Chapter One Summary

Chapter one introduces the reader to the main character, Raphael Fernandez. Raphael, a fourteen year old dumpsite boy narrates this part of the story and it entails many interesting ideas about the Behala dumpsite. Raphael and his best friend Gardo spend their days searching the endless amounts of rubbish that cover acres of land. They live knee deep in trash along with many others, including children. We find out that most families start their children trash searching as soon as they can walk.

Raphael describes himself as “a trash boy with style” (p.6). This implies that Raphael may be a bit better off than others around him even if he is not a normal boy who has a house, food, and family, he is special and is determined to get somewhere in life.

Nearing the end of the chapter Raphael leaves the reader wondering as he says, “maybe one day you’ll find ‘something nice’. Oh yes. Then one day I did” (p.5). What Raphael finds will change his life forever but what it is that he finds, the reader will just have to wait and see.


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