Trash Chapter Summaries to help you with your studies!

Chapter Four Summary

Raphael tells the reader after visiting Rat’s ‘house’, “It might seem crazy asking a kid if you can come into his hole, but this hole was about the only thing Rat had…” (p.21). After quite an adventure through the dumpsite Raphael and Gardo arrive at Rat’s house and are not disappointed, for he agrees to take the bag, for only 50 pesos. They talk some more, asking Rat his opinion on the other items in the bag, beside the money, and they discover that Rat knows some very important and valuable information, such as when he says, “This is a locker key for left luggage… Central Station… You wanna go there? We go there now if you want.” (p.26). For just 50 pesos, Rat informs them that he can take them to the station and unlock a part of the mystery!


Rat lives in a hole that the author expresses is an unused belt machinery hole. Imagine living in a deep, dark hole, full of rats… I don’t think that would be the kind of lifestyle I would enjoy. Doing some research about dumpsites I found these pictures of what Rats ‘house’ and area could look like.


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