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Chapter Six Summary

This chapter is full exciting events as the three boys, Rat, Gardo and Raphael go to Central station.  It took Raphael at lot of pleading to get Gardo into the plan but he manages it and with Rats they adventure out of Behala. Jumping onto a pasting train they arrive at the station. That part of their plan was one of the easiest as once on the platform they come across the station boys who don’t like other boys to be in their ‘territory’. Lucky for Gardo and Raphael, Rat had lived at the station before coming to Behala and got around the station boys by giving them 90 pesos.

Railway Station

The Three continue on their mission and decide that it would be best if Rat does the locker while the others keep on the lookout for station guards or police. Raphael is quite scared by the experience, “I hadn’t liked the look of the station boys, but now- everywhere I looked I could see mean looking railway guards.” p.40. Gardo again shows great protection over Raphael while they are at the station. Only passing a few people in the lockers hall, Rat successful gets into the locker and finds a package in it. Quickly they get back onto the platform and off onto the tracks, running until they are in the bushes and bramble. They did it! Inside the package the boys found a letter addressed to Gabriel Olondriz a prisoner. And along with they letter a series of numbers. Raphael is relieved to get back in behala, but he is worried about what they are getting into, “All we were sure of was that we were in something deep, getting deeper.” p.43. The boys are in this together, what ever happens.


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